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The snacks in Skeeter are delicious and healthy. I always check the labels and the ingredients on the products I buy and eat and I am so glad that the Skeeter snacks I bought were indeed healthy. I’ve suffered long enough with allergy attacks every time I eat anything that has peanuts and discovering this brand has me thanking the company so much. It has given me an opportunity to eat snacks that I like. If it were other brands, I would have gotten my allergy triggered because most of them use nuts. Skeeter provides great snacks that have amazing nutrients in it that can compensate nuts in a different way. I am in love with this brand!
Angel D.

My sister loves peanuts so much but we try our best to avoid eating foods that include this ingredient because she wouldn’t stop eating snacks and foods that have nuts. It was very difficult at first because it is her favorite but we cannot let her eat more because it triggers her allergies. When I first saw this website, I was amazed. I never thought that I could find snacks that my sister would like similar to those that contain peanuts. I was glad that she loved the snacks I bought her and now we are not having difficulties anymore in making her avoid peanuts.
Louie R.

Since I was a kid, I’ve suffered from allergies from many foods and substances. One of the things I am allergic from is nuts. This made me look for many kinds of foods I can enjoy without triggering my allergies until I found Skeeter. It is such a great brand and company. I love how they help people with nut allergies by raising awareness and by providing alternative products that would be better and more beneficial.
Flora Y.