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Q. Hello, I’ve always wondered if I need an account just so I can visit your website. Do I need to log in if I want to access your site?
A. Hi! Thank you so much for sending us your message and question. The website does not require people to have an account unless they will be our buyer. If you just came to read from our website or see the products we sell, you are free to visit without an account. If you are going to buy something, however, you must have an account or what we call a cart for the purchase of products.

Q. Is there any way I could join the organization?
A. Hello! Thank you so much for your message. We do accept new members from time to time but only open the membership every once in a while. Once we need to add new members, we post an update on our site and you are free to sign up for it. If you have any questions once the post was given, you may just send us a message again.

Q. Can I buy packs of snacks?
A. Hi, thank you for your question. Yes, we do allow our customers to buy any amount of snacks they want from our store.

Q. Is your delivery fast and efficient?
A. Hello, thank you for your question. Yes, Skeeter can guarantee everyone a fast and efficient delivery of snacks and orders.

Q. Does Skeeter updates the customers about the delivery?
A. Hi! Thank you for sending us your message. Yes, our company sends our customers updates about how the delivery is going. We want to let our customers know if the items or products are already being shipped, delivered, and even if it already is near their place.