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Skeeter used to be an organization created to raise awareness about nut allergies. We have been in different medical missions in the past and we always help out those people who are in need of care when it comes to allergy-triggers. The organization has studied everything about the different kinds of nuts and how it all trigger different kinds of allergies as well. Our group had been very successful in terms of finding people who need help. Through our efforts, many people can be aware and can be knowledgeable about this issue whether they do have allergies in nuts or not. Doing this project has helped us prevent more allergy triggers since many people became more aware of what might happen to them and what allergy attacks can do in their bodies.

After a few years of doing this project and campaign, Skeeter decided to upgrade and made a whole new level of projects. We have made it possible to create products that would be consumable to those who are allergic to nuts. The organization didn’t plan to do such a thing at first but as we went on with the projects in the past, we have realized how much people do not really enjoy always being vigilant on the snacks that they consume. This is the reason why we created our own products. We first did it to give to people who we help out – those who are allergic to nuts especially children who enjoy eating snacks.

As time passed by, we decided to put our products to the market so that it could be available for everyone and not just to those people we help. Skeeter products then became a good alternative to snacks that contain nuts ever since.